As the end of the summer comes closer, I have realized that the Java Crew has not been formally introduced! So this post is all about introducing the amazing Java Crew that has been working really hard to keep our shop running great and always keeping a smile on their faces!

Meet the Java Crew

Lauren! She is funny, smart, and a huge part of our little IA family. Lauren has been a big help this summer, and she makes some amazing coffee! She has always been one to step up to the plate and help out with anything! I have no idea what we would have done without her.

ShantellThis is Shantell! Shantell is also a huge part of the IA family. Not only is she a Barista, but she is a great help in the office. I have never met someone as dedicated as this girl! She is outstanding! Shantell is currently a senior in high school and is active in Show Choir!


Next, Ava. Ava is actually Mark and Kristin’s daughter! She is a smart, active, and a very sweet girl! She has contributed a lot of her time to the Java Crew. I could never ask more from her! Ava is captain of her JV volleyball team as a freshman in high school! We are all very proud of her accomplishments!

AliThis here is Ali! Ali is a big part of the Java Crew. Not only does she do a lot in the office, she is also amazing on the river! She does a great job at everything she puts her mind to! Thank you Ali for all your hard work!



LoganLogan is an amazing Barista! She is also a really good volleyball player. She does all she can to make everyone happy and puts everyone first before her. I have never met someone more funny than Logan. She has a heart of gold!


And then there’s me, Kaitlyn. I am a part of the IA family as well! I am also a Barista and I help out in the office! I am currently a senior in High School, and plan on going to college as soon as I graduate.

Our little Idaho Adventures family has made an impact on all of us. We have all grown closer as the summer has come to an end. I love our Java Crew and wouldn’t change them for anything! I want to personally thank all the girls here in our Java Crew for making this summer worth having. Oh, and thank you all for reading!

Untill next time,

-The Java Crew

Remember to always “Live the Journey… Drink the Java”