Join us for the free flowing 1Day ~ 100 Miles Salmon River Run celebration on the Salmon River, “River of No Return”!

Salmon River Run

Smokin’ Oars
1st Annual
Salmon River Free Flowing River Celebration
May 28, 2016

Day Itinerary

Launch Point: Kilpatrick Boat Ramp
Take-Out: Corn Creek Boat Ramp (River Gods Cooperating)

5:15 AM –Coffee, Tea, Fruit, Bagels & Yogurt – Bent Rod, Sponsor
6:00 AM – Pre-Trip Logistics and final sign in
6:15 AM – Pre-Trip Safety Talk
6:30 AM – Smokin Oars Celebration Kickoff!
10:00 AM –Snacks
(Food distributed from Idaho Adventures’ Mothership – Eating on the Fly)
12:00 PM – Mothership lunch of cold pizza – Idaho Adventures
3:00-8:00 PM – Mothership snacks
8:30 to 10:00 PM – Barbeque for All!
Bring a dish or donate $10.00 ~ RSVP Required ~
Guests: $100 pp – Sign-up deadline is May 15th

Depart Salmon at 4:30 AM, from Idaho Adventures (Vans)
Return to Salmon about 12:00 AM (the next morning)

Guides and Outfitters: $65 pp, BYOB (Boat), May 15th Sign-Up deadline.
Training Guides: Idaho Adventures will sign guide training cards for Salmon River sections SA4 (Kilpatrick – North Fork) and SA5 (North Fork – Corn Creek). All state licensing guidelines are applicable.
Those that need the SA3 (Challis Junction to Kilpatrick will have the option for training on the 27th from 1pm to 6pm. Contact Idaho Adventures for more details.

Shuttle Options

Corn Creek back to Kilpatrick (to pick up personal vehicles) – Morning of the 29th, 9:00AM, $10.00 pp.

Personal vehicles may be shuttled on the 28th from Kilpatrick to Corn Creek, pre-arrangements required, $95.00 per vehicle.

Idaho Adventures will provide a large enclosed cargo van for anyone who would like their gear; duffle, chairs, coolers, etc.…shuttled from Kilpatrick to Corn Creek. No Charge.