Salmon River Chinook Salmon Fishing

1-Day Chinook Salmon Fishing

  • Where: Outfitted for approximately 232 miles of Salmon River
  • Spin or Fly – Fishing Gear: All rods and fishing tackle provided by your guide, personal gear welcome
  • Trip Length: Varies daily 5 to 10 miles changes any given day depending on the salmon run
  • Departure Time: Early morning, between 5:30 and 7:00 am depending on water temperatures and section of river that you and your guide will be fishing. Most often departure is around 7:15 am.
  • Ending Time: Varies daily, usually around 2:00 but as late as 4:00 pm
  • Meals: Delicious riverside lunch, snacks and beverages
  • Fish Processing: Idaho Adventures will provide fish cleaning, vacuum sealing, freezing of your fish so you have them neatly prepared for your trip home.
  • Age Restrictions: No restrictions
  • Cost: $510 per boat for 2 people ($450 for 1 person)

Adventure through a 13 mile stretch of the beautiful and exciting Salmon River and enjoy a delicious riverside lunch provided by Idaho Adventures.

Your 1-Day Chinook Salmon Fishing Features:

Salmon River – We will take you fishing on the river section that you have the best opportunity to land salmon! Our guiding staff pays close attention to the salmon run, We want your limited time on the water to end with fantastic salmon pictures and wonderful tasting fillets to share with your friends. The Chinook salmon have a reputation of being some of the best eating salmon you will ever find!

  • Salmon Season – June and July
  • Beginners are very welcome and do quite well!
  • Quality fishing equipment and lessons are provided!
  • Homemade lunch with beverage
  • Shuttle to/from river (We can pick you up at your hotel or meet you down river or in Challis!)

Chinook Salmon are among the strongest fish in world!

Chinook salmon (Onchorhynchus tshawytscha) have made a comeback in the Salmon River in recent years. Chinook salmon are anadromous fish, meaning they migrate to the ocean as smolts and return to fresh water to spawn and then die. This native fish is one of the most fascinating fishes found in Idaho; its body is silver to olive-colored, and the inside of its mouth is black. They range from 18-40 inches and can attain a weight of 45 pounds.

Whether you enjoy fly or spin fishing techniques, you’ll enjoy the excitement of fishing along the Salmon River. Our experienced guides offer local insight and knowledge for catching our native salmon. They’ll drive you from our office into some of the best fishing in the Northwest.

Salmon have one thing in mind and that’s swimming back to their rearing waters. The trick is to get their attention long enough to strike your lure/bait. These fish are elusive and the most dedicated anglers spend countless hours trying to catch them. Our seasoned guides have set the standard for local knowledge and experience and feed their passion for fishing both on and off the clock. For our guests and guides, the true allure of salmon fishing is feeling their power at the end of your line. Eating a non-wild fish is a bonus. These fish will range in weight between 10 and 40 pounds.

Where We Fish

Location: We fish upstream of Challis to 70 miles downstream of Salmon so we can follow the fish as they are moving. We can meet at our headquarters in the morning to begin your day of fishing or we can pick you up at your place of stay. See our fishing packages that include lodging and extended fishing days.

Itinerary – 1-Day Chinook Salmon Fishing Trip

Departure Early Morning: Between 5:30 and 7:00 am depending on water temperatures, weather, and section of river that you and your guide will be fishing. Most often departure is around 7:15 am. We will meet either at the Idaho Adventures’ headquarters or a pre-determined location. You don’t have to worry about any of the equipment, lunch or drinks. Make sure you have your fishing license and salmon permit.

Ending Time: Varies daily, but usually around 2:00 pm and as late as 4:00 pm. Idaho Adventures will provide fish cleaning, vacuum sealing, freezing of your fish so you have them neatly prepared for your trip home.


Planning Your Trip


Transportation is provided to and from the locations of the put-in and take-out. Arrangements can be made for personal transportation from local hotel or campground pick-ups prior to your trip if required.

We provide….

  • Highly competent and darn friendly guides
  • Complimentary drinking mug
  • Fresh, healthy, delicious lunch
  • Plenty of drinking water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soda and beer (please let us know your preferences so we can pack our cooler accordingly.
  • All fishing gear

You should bring….

  • Idaho Fishing License
  • Idaho Salmon Permit
  • Good quality rain gear (jacket & pants) – Note: Rentals available from Idaho Adventures with advance notice.
  • Polypro or fleece jacket (and pants)
  • Sunglasses (polarized) with strap
  • Warm hat/gloves
  • Thin glove liners are very important for casting
  • Small washcloth and towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Quart water bottle
  • Camera, film
  • Prescription Drugs

Optional items to bring….

  • 8 or 9 weight spin and/or fly rod and rod case(s)
  • Lures, Flies, etc.
  • Guides have a large supply of gear – (don’t forget to consider this item when you generously tip your guides!)
  • Pliers, hook sharpener, etc. (guides will also have this equipment, but bring your own if you have it)
  • Fly fisherman should bring chest waders, wading belt & wading shoes (not cleated)
  • Hard liquor, additional beer and soda
  • Small fanny pack or fishing vest
  • Binoculars


May to late September
The Salmon River Canyon is normally arid and warm from late May to late September with average daytime temperatures ranging from the 70’s to 90’s. Nighttime temperatures are cooler but comfortable, from the low 50’s to high 60’s. Summer water temperatures range from the 60’s to 70’s, perfect for rafting and swimming. May or early June is when river levels generally peak, but the Salmon is fed by enough tributaries to maintain a robust flow of water all summer long – even in low water years.

Spring and Fall
The weather in our area can be unpredictable. Warm days are just as frequent as chilly, wet ones and you may experience several types of weather in a single day. Temperatures will vary throughout the day – typically from the low 30’s into the 70’s. Some general rules of thumb apply: 1) Dress and pack with “layers” in mind – bring clothes that you can easily take on and off and “layer” throughout the day as conditions change. 2) Polypropylene and wool are always warmer (and lighter) than cotton. And, 3) It is always easier to stay dry than it is to get dry. So, plan to bring a good set of breathable, waterproof raingear.

Other Questions…

Please let us know if you have any questions or need further information – We are always happy to assist in your pre-trip planning. E-mail: or call Idaho Adventures at 208-756-2986 or 1-800-789-9283.

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1-Day Chinook Salmon Fishing

Daily – June & July

Price: $510 per boat for 2 people ($450 for 1 person)


1 Day Fishing
Lunch, snacks, beverages
Free use of fishing gear

Steelhead Fishing, Live the Journey!