Commonly Used Boats on a River Trip

Oar Rafts, Paddle Rafts, Kayaks and SUP

  • Oar Rafts – Rafts where your professional guide rows the raft with usually 1 to 4 guests per raft. Passengers just kick back, relax and immerse themselves into everything the river canyon offers. These rafts are most common on our wilderness trips.
  • Paddle Rafts – Designed for the more active participants, where each participant has a paddle and a guide, also paddling, sits in in the rear of the boat calling commands for all paddlers to help negotiate the raft down the rapids. We take this raft most often with larger groups where we have plenty of active participants willing to paddle. These are most common on our 1 to 3 day trips.
  • Inflatable Kayaks, also referred to as “Funyaks” or “Duckies” – Once you try this you’ll be hooked. This is a very fun and exciting way to enjoy the rapids. Guests will usually take turns throughout the day and your guides will provide additional instruction in paddling techniques for these critters. At times we will tie them in back of the raft to give participants a break or just to shuttle our guests through some of the larger rapids. These are brought on most all our trips.
  • SUP – Our stand up paddle boards are used primarily to goof off around camp and on some of the more mellow sections of water. Experienced guests plunge through the rapids.