After pondering the summer 2014 rafting season yesterday, Today I begun to think about how the summer’s fishing was. Though we are still anxiously awaiting Steelhead season in the fall we had a great time fishing for rainbows and cut throats.

This past July we took this father and son duo out to river for a day of walk and wade fishing. Guiding them on this fun day of fishing was Nick! When they got back in the office and told me they had a lot of fun, I asked for some pictures and was pleased to receive these pictures of happy fishermen!

Father and Son Fishing

Father and son Fishing

And of Course this this amazing catch must be mentioned again! Even though Kyle wasn’t on the job or in Salmon, when he scored this beautiful Brown Trout, we were all so very impressed with his catch. He proved that he is the man for job!

Brown Trout, Fishing Guides

These are just a few of our fishing adventures, and we are looking forward to the next few we have going this summer!

Let us know about how your summer 2014 fishing and/or rafting season went. We want to hear about your greatest adventures and see the photos!

-The Java Crew
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