Idaho Licensed Rafting & Fishing Guides

Your hosts, Mark and Kristin Troy

With a passion for the river and dedication to hard work, the two have owned and operated Idaho Adventures for over 20 years. Mark has been rowing boats since he was old enough to reach the oars. As the youngest son of a 1950s era fly fishing guide on the Yellowstone River, boat navigation was not an option, but a requirement in the Troy family. Mark has been a licensed rafting and fishing guide for over 28 years now, and has made innumerable trips down the Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rivers.

Kristin’s outdoor education also began at an early age while riding horses, skiing and hiking the Salmon Valley. Her upbringing on a small ranch near Salmon cultivated her eventual reverence for central Idaho’s wilderness. While working college summers off in Stanley, Idaho (near headwaters of the Salmon River) the two crossed paths and together remained in the outdoor recreation industry managing exclusive guest lodges in Washington and Idaho. Pleased to be back in Salmon, Kristin became founding executive director of Lemhi Regional Land Trust, a non-profit private land conservation organization that has protected thousands of acres of land and wild habitat in the region. Mark and Kristin now manage Middle Fork Lodge on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

They have raised two young adults, who are licensed river guides themselves and are now co-managing the business. Sylas and Ava, who render helpful insight on providing fun and meaningful family vacations.


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Meet the Guides

Sylas Troy: Sylas is one of our most experienced boatmen, and also our most humble. He might not tell you about kayaking off waterfalls, or the many raging rivers he has tamed. But even if he doesn’t tell you these stories (now you know what to ask him), you will feel his strength and quiet confidence behind the oars. Sylas is a natural leader, and has a way of making you feel at ease on the water. Sylas grew up in Salmon, Idaho and has been a part of Idaho Adventures since he could walk. He is a semester away from completing his degree in Ecology at the University of Montana Western. He would like to go on to flight school and become a backcountry pilot.

Ava Troy: Ava is a talented oarswoman and paddle boat captain who learned at an early age from the very best; her dad. Her brother Sy would coax her into his small river craft as youngsters and he likely deserves some instructional credit, although it’s tricky to know whether that was beneficial. Fellow guides admire Ava’s finesse and clean river lines and they always appreciate her knowledge and sunny, can-do attitude. Ava is the go-to gal for the fun boat. A biology student at the University of Montana, Ava is the family chicken whisperer, once had a pet coyote, and recently came home from college with geese, rabbits, and a turtle (as a parent we try not to ask too many questions). 

Gary Power: If you have ever heard a booming laugh echo up the canyon, you may have encountered Gary Power. As one of our most experienced guides, Gary has decades of history and stories waiting to be told. He unintentionally named one of the largest rapids on our whitewater day stretch (a great story told on that trip) and is known by almost every outfitter and guide on the river. If you end up in a boat with Gary Power, his joy and wisdom will make your experience down the beautiful canyon even more unforgettable.

Avery Stansberry: Avery is the kind of person who will make an entire group of people laugh without a second thought. He is a great listener and is the first to make a lasting connection with the people on his boat. You will immediately notice his sharp mind and charm. Avery grew up in Salmon, Idaho immersed in the outdoors. He knows all the secret beautiful lakes around Idaho, lives to ski the fresh powder at lost trail, and will get you hyped on just about everything. Avery is studying Watershed Hydrology at Montana State University

Carly Knudson: Raised in Salmon, Idaho, Carly is a remarkable guide and river enthusiast. She is always the first one to take on a new challenge, and pushes others around her to be better at whatever it is they do. Her ability to read and run any body of water make her priceless to many outfitters. She recently bought a hardshell kayak, and within months of her purchase she has finessed the Grand Canyon, Jarbidge-Bruneau, Main Salmon, and other rivers that people spend a lifetime preparing for. In a boat with Carly, her confidence and strength is transparent, and you’ll find yourself asking her to head towards the biggest waves, trusting her without a second thought. Besides her river expertise, Carly graduated the University of Montana with a degree in psychology and is currently doing graduate level research through the university

Tanner Kohal: Currently attending the University of Montana, Tanner is working on a degree in Aquatic Wildlife Biology, with an emphasis in fisheries. He also works in a lab on campus that studies juvenile cutthroat trout in the Jocko river valley. So naturally Tanner is also an avid fisherman, quick to share is passion with anyone interested. Tanner is the kind of person who loves to share his history, wildlife, and overall guide knowledge which is a trait that makes him such a valuable guide. His compassion for nature mixed with his ability to connect with people have grown many friendships with clients long past when the trip is over.

Tessa Sever: Tessa has the brightest smile and makes you feel at home in her company. You’ll often hear laughter coming from around as people naturally gravitate towards her. Tessa is an exceptional oarswoman, earning her place as trip leader on countless wilderness trips. Tessa has also spent this last year traveling the globe working for Alzar school, teaching honors algebra in a very untraditional setting. She mixed the education the math and the great outdoors while backpacking in Chile and kayaking rivers in Idaho. With degrees in Geology and Outdoor Education and Leadership from Westminster College in Utah, she is who you want to be in the boat with when floating through some of the deepest canyons in North America.

Lars Rasmussen: Born and raised in the small town of Sandpoint, Idaho, Lars grew up hip-deep in the wild western rivers with a fly rod in hand and a smile on his face. Like many of our guides, Lars was raised by nature. He would spend every moment he could on the river, fishing between sleep. Currently attending the University of Montana, he hopes to get a degree in ecology and go on to lead a career in wildlife conservation. Lars is one of those special people who you find yourself trusting before you’ve even gotten to know him.