Spring is here, the coffee is on…and the rafts are ready to oar!

Wrapping up Summer 2014

As the end of the summer comes closer, I have realized that the Java Crew has not been formally introduced! So this post is all about introducing the amazing Java Crew that has been working really hard to keep our shop running great and always keeping a smile on their...

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Looking Back on Summer 2014 Fishing!

After pondering the summer 2014 rafting season yesterday, Today I begun to think about how the summer’s fishing was. Though we are still anxiously awaiting Steelhead season in the fall we had a great time fishing for rainbows and cut throats. This past July we took...

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Whitewater Barista

Last week Java Crew Carly and her family joined Mark (IA owner) and his family on the Whitewater Wilderness Journey on the Main Salmon River. This beautiful 80.9 mile stretch is truly an amazing sight to see. They spent 5 days camping along the banks of the River of...

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