Join us for the 2nd Annual free flowing 1-Day, 100 mile river run celebration on the Salmon River, “River of No Return”! River flows permitting…

Date changed from Saturday May 27 to May 28, 2017 due to a scheduling conflict.

Smokin' Oars 2017 - Date Change 5-28-2017

Launch Point: Kilpatrick Boat Ramp
Take-Out: Corn Creek Boat Ramp (River Gods Cooperating)
5:15 AM – Coffee, Tea, Fruit, Bagels & Yogurt
6:00 AM – Pre-Trip Logistics and final sign in
6:15 AM – Pre-Trip Safety Talk
6:30 AM – Smokin’ Oars Celebration Kickoff!
10:00 AM –Snacks & Beverages – BYO
12:00 PM – Mothership lunch of cold pizza – Idaho Adventures’ Boat
3:00-8:00 PM –Snacks – BYO
8:30 to 10:00 PM – Take-Out – Barbeque for All! Hamburgers from Idaho’s grass fed beef, will be provided. Bring a side dish, chips etc., or donate $10.00

~ RSVP Required ~

  • Friends, Guides, Outfitters and Trainees: $55 pp – Sign-up deadline is May 24th
  • Depart Salmon at 4:30 AM, from Idaho Adventures (Vans) for those who may need a ride.
  • Return: Late in the evening. You may want to consider camping at Corn Creek.
  • BYOB (Boat)
  • May 24th, Sign-Up deadline.

Guide Training:

Idaho Adventures will sign guide training cards for Salmon River sections SA4 (Kilpatrick – North Fork) and SA5 (North Fork – Corn Creek). All state licensing guidelines are applicable.

Shuttle Options

  • Corn Creek back to Salmon – After the evening barbeque on the 27th, $5.00 pp.
  • Corn Creek back to Kilpatrick (to pick up personal vehicles) – After the evening barbeque on the 27th, $15.00 pp.

Personal vehicles may be shuttled on the 28th from Kilpatrick to Corn Creek, pre-arrangements required, $95.00 per vehicle.

Idaho Adventures will provide a trailer to transport their gear; duffle, chairs, coolers, etc.… from Kilpatrick to Corn Creek. No Charge.

May 27, 2017
Sunrise 5:48 am
Sunset 9:06 pm