CarlyLast week Java Crew Carly and her family joined Mark (IA owner) and his family on the Whitewater Wilderness Journey on the Main Salmon River. This beautiful 80.9 mile stretch is truly an amazing sight to see. They spent 5 days camping along the banks of the River of No Return, eating gourmet dinners, and falling asleep under the stars.

Our Barista Takes to the River

One of the best parts of spending 5-6 days on the Main Salmon River is being with a small group of people. This is the place were you can truly get away from cell phones, computers, tablets, and other appliances and simply admire the scenery of the winding river.

Family River Rafting Vacation

Hot Springs Worth the Hike

At 23.1 miles into the Frank Church Wilderness is the Barth Hot Springs! This hot springs is a short hike up the mountain but is completely worth the hike. As you stand on the bank of the river looking up at the hot springs pool you feel anxious to jump in and start soaking in the water.

Hot Springs, Salmon River

As you start ascending up the mountain a stream of warm water begins to be the path you follow up to the pool. With every step in the warming water you grow even more excited to enjoy the the hot pool of water. As soon as your body gets settled into the pool you feel a sense of relaxation. As though this weren’t enough to make for an amazing experience, being able to look out of the hot springs and seeing only mountain said and hearing the rushing of the river makes Barth Hot Springs the perfect experience that you won’t ever forget.

Sandy Beaches

The Salmon River has many unique and beautiful sandy beaches, and this one just so happens to be perfect for a playing volleyball. Carly and Eva (Mark’s daughter) a have fun getting sand between their toes during the one-on-one beach volleyball game.

Beach Volley Ball, Salmon River Rafting

MMmm.. There is something about a campfire dinner that just can’t be beat. Whether it’s the mouth water aroma of having a BBQ or simply because you are hungry from being on the river all day, a campfire dinner puts a smile on everyone’s face by the end of the meal.

Salmon River Rafting, Campfire dinner


And of course if you see a bridge over a deep river who can resist not jumping off of it. 55.4 miles in the Frank Church Wilderness, Carly shows us her fearless said and jumps off the Mackay Bar Bridge.

Mackay Bar Bridge

Once you have made it through the 5 days, 4 nights, 80.9 miles of river you will forever think back on this trip and have nothing but smiles and laughs about the many memories you have just created on the Main Salmon River.

Salmon River Kayaking, Salmon River Rafting

You will also be counting the days until the next time you get to experience it again. No matter how many times you have ventured through the Frank Church Wilderness you will always be in awe while looking at the scenery and seeing the wildlife venturing through.

-The Java Crew

Live the Journey… Drink the Java